2013 Season Review

With frost not too far off, we've been doing a lot of reflecting back on our first growing season. We've certainly learned a lot along the way. We learned that starting with fertile soil and 60 cu. yards of organic compost are key ingredients in producing big, healthy blooms. Our dahlias were incredibly productive with each variety possessing a personality all its own. The drip irrigation installed in the spring was worth every penny and saved countless hours, as did the weed fabric each of our 1,200 dahlias were planted into. Good help is invaluable and so is having friends and family who don't mind getting their hands dirty. 

We also learned that finding a balance between flower farming and designing can be a difficult one to strike. We spend the majority of our time caring for the flowers in field: staking, weeding, watering, harvesting and inspecting them for insects and disease. This intimate connection to the plants fuels our creativity, inspires our designs and challenges our mental and physical energy. While our time in the field is necessary and valuable, it is also incredibly time-consuming. As we look to next season, we hope to spend more time fine tuning our design skills, growing our team and our crops.

We have big ideas we cannot wait to implement, and look forward to a winter full of planning (and a little rest too).

Heidi Joynt