Spring News


First of all, thanks to Pure Wow for the nice feature on Field & Florist.  I woke up this morning to find a bunch of new Summer Flower Share subscriptions in my inbox, which is always exciting.





It finally feels like Spring is here. These weeks ahead are the ones that have kept me going all winter. Next week we'll be spreading 1.5" of composted manure and landscape waste from Midwest Organics Recycling on the new site. You might be surprised to find out (I was!) that it takes 2 semis or 65 cu. yards to cover the 1/2 acre site with only 1/5" of compost. Their Organimix product is the best stuff, and these flowers are getting the royal treatment.


Also, we are hosting two work parties: April 27th and May 11th and we'd love for you to join! Learn details and sign up HERE. Incentive: you will get 20% off your flower share purchase if you come for one of these dates! (If you already purchased a share and want to come, have no fear, we will extend your share another week!)

If you weren't able to make it to last month's Dose Market, here are some photos from the day! We had a lot of fun meeting new customers and learning about other Chicago small businesses.

Heidi Joynt