Field & Florist September Workshop 

at the Field & Florist Farm in Barrington, IL

Sunday, September 28, 2014 

Creating an Urban Cutting Garden  

9am - Noon 

This session is geared toward those who are looking to create their own urban cutting garden. After touring the garden, Field & Florist will provide resources along with tips and tricks for achieving the best blooms from your small urban plot. We will cover garden planning and layout (including how to choose plants for continuous color and interest), soil maintenance, and organic pest management. Instruction will be hands on with demonstrations. Bring your gardening questions! 

Attendees will leave with a sampler selection of perennials and bulbs for fall planting and our favorite seeds for spring to start your own backyard cutting garden. We will prove to you that you don't need a green thumb in order to have a successful garden!

Designing with Locally Grown and Foraged Blooms

1pm - 3:30pm

The afternoon design session will focus on the fundamentals of floral design, utilizing local flowers and foraged materials. Attendees will forage and cut from the flower field to create lush seasonal centerpieces. Be inspired as you design amongst the field in full bloom.

Field & Florist will provide a vessel for each attendee to design in. BYO clippers if you prefer, or feel free to borrow ours for the day. 


COST: $150 per session /  $275 for full day 

(Full day attendees will receive a pair of pruners and lunch)